Fredrik Fornes

Head of Visibility and Communication 

Bio: Trained journalist with over 10 years of experience from Stavanger Aftenblad.

Achieved over one million views on his posts within a year after becoming active on LinkedIn. Received the award for "Talent of the Year" at Social Media Days 2021. Creating content people care about, and helping your business become visible and relevant digitally

Fun-fact: Does not like coffee and has never drank anything carbonated in his life.

Key skills: Text, web, communication and LinkedIn

Kjetil Hundhammer


Bio: Had seven successful years as a Marketing Director at Møller Bil before building up the regional offices of Telia in Stavanger and the Bergen area. This has given him a huge network

Extremely skilled in creating effective sales processes, concept development and bringing out the best in those around him.

Fun-fact: A local football legend in Stavanger – no wonder he's good at team building.

Key skills: Sales, marketing, networking, team building and business development.

Cecilie Refsnes Milenkovic

Head of Visual and Web

Bio: The Young Marketer of the Year 2019 - for a good reason! A creative being with a passion for great content and websites that communicate effectively.

Made a national impression when she applied for the job at Hubify dressed as a unicorn - a great example of her creative ability and determination.

Fun-fact: She is more interested in nutrition and exercise than average and is Hubify's own personal trainer.

Key skills: Inbound marketing, websites, communication and business development (CRM, sales and offers process).

Caroline Bjøreng


Bio: Young super talent with a sharp pen. Her proficiency in crafting compelling texts for both social media and job postings is exemplary.

She excelled in her Bachelor's degree in Creative Market Communication, which showcases her knowledge and skills.

Fun-fact: Maintains a very high level of dancing - unlike anyone else in the Hubify crew.

Key skills: Text, communication and social media.

Jone Riis

Advisor and Partner

Bio: First and foremost a salesperson - and proud of it. Committed to promoting positive sales practices. Over 30 years of experience in sales, networking and investment.

Jone knows "everyone" - after many years in leadership roles at companies such as Lyse and Altibox. Has a sparkling engagement for the profession - and it's contagious.

Fun-fact: Currently works as CCO in Nimbus Group.

Key skills: Operational sales and sales management. Board work and angel investments.

Stian Røisland

Advisor and Partner

Bio: A commercial resource with an unparalleled network.

More than 20 years in various leadership positions at companies such as Lyse, Altibox, Apply TB, Spire and F5IT speaks for itself: This is a man who has hands-on experience leading companies to success.

Fun-fact: Currently works as an executive chairman at F5IT.

Key skills: Leadership, strategy, networking and commercialization B2C & B2B.

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