How do you take a carpentry company to the next level after 25 years of successful operation? The answer: Hubify.


Enkelbygg AS




Visual profile
New logo & website
Commercial consultancy
Visibility in Social Media


Kjetil Hundhammer
Fredrik Fornes
Alinde Lombaard, Iconize
Claus Skålevik, motto

First, we refined the concept through a commercial sprint.

By preparing a commercial status report and setting up Hubify's 100-day plan, we identified the low-hanging fruits for Enkelbygg.

One of these was to shift the focus from being a carpentry company that can do "everything" to becoming the preferred cabin supplier in Ryfylke.

An analysis of the existing visual profile was carried out, which concluded that they should undergo a complete revitalization of their logo, website, and digital visibility.

The most important element here was to include fewer half-finished building images and more pictures of people and the feeling that Ryfylke gives you.

- From concept to optimizing our LinkedIn profiles, Hubify doesn't give up once the plan is in place. They ensure that we follow through with it as well.

- Arild Vika Karlsen, CEO of Enkelbygg.


Modern shape

A "crest" historically symbolizes family. The shape is used here to signify community, family, and togetherness.

Sea view

Every cabin from Enkelbygg has a sea view. Therefore, the sea must be represented in the logo.

Cabins & mountains

Cabins in their natural element: surrounded by majestic mountains.

Sun & moon

During the day, you can fish, paddle in a canoe, and go hiking. When the moon appears, families gather around the campfire at the cabin.

Moss Green

Copper #854827 / #DD9266

Ocean Blue

Pale Blue

New website

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