Gladmat thought about hiring a new team member, but the multi artist they needed did not exist. The answer: Subscribe to Hubify.






Commercial consultancy
New sponsorship concept
Sale of sponsorship packages
SoMe-plan throughout the year
Visibility in Social Media
PR and press


Kjetil Hundhammer
Fredrik Fornes
Caroline Bjøreng

Hubify's contribution to Norway's largest food festival:

Gladmat. A flagship in the Stavanger region. An attraction in Norway. Every summer, around 250,000 people from all over the country flock to the city to experience food from both far and (most of all) near. Organizing such a festival is nothing short of an impressive feat.

Especially considering that Gladmat only has two permanent employees. But the managing director, Maren Skjelde, wanted to do more. Therefore, she began to explore the possibility of hiring more staff.

Problem: She preferably needed a person who could handle project management, sales, marketing, PR - and a little more. Such multi-talented people do not exist.

That's where Hubify came into the picture. For the same cost as hiring a new employee, Gladmat could subscribe to Hubify - and thus gain access to a whole team with expertise in each of their respective areas.

Hubify has contributed with a new sponsorship concept and selling of sponsorship agreements for 2023, which has created greater predictability for the years to come. I tillegg drifter vi Gladmats sosiale medier, samt bidrar i presse og PR-arbeid før, under og etter festivalen.

We ensure that the stories are told and heard - and that sponsors sign and are followed up with. Gladmat gets breathing room to concentrate on what they do best: Making the content of the fantastic festival as good as possible.

– Hubify has given us greater awareness of the commercial side, and not least the value of our own brand. This has led to good progress in some major tasks related to partnership work, which I could never have done alone. They are extremely solution-oriented and flexible – I appreciate that, as things change quickly with us. We also get invaluable help on social media.

— Maren Skjelde, CEO i Gladmat