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How Phonero got half a million views in five weeks.




Fredrik Fornes




Visibility on LinkedIn

What the customer says

How Phonero took LinkedIn by storm in just a few weeks, in the spring of 2022.

Through a visibility boost over five weeks, Phonero employees first received a lecture for the entire organization before we began working with a dedicated, internal LinkedIn group.

A team of four individuals received 1:1 coaching, help to enhance their profiles, and define their personal brands.

We then set up a content plan for the next four to five weeks - with one post per week from each team member. The posts were self-authored, using the new tools they had learned in the process, in addition to sending the texts for optimization at Hubify.

Phonero demonstrated a level of implementation that we had barely seen before, and quickly took its place as one of Norway's most visible companies on the platform.

The result


views in five weeks

Some of the posts that were produced