Soiltech took a new step towards creating a greener future by revitalizing their own brand platform.






Revitilizing logo and visual identity
New website
LinkedIn workshops


Kjetil Hundhammer
Fredrik Fornes
Cecilie Milenkovic
Alinde Lombaard
Claus Skålevik
Bjarne Uldal

A modern boost for a modern company.

You know you have a product that makes the oil and gas industry greener – but you need help telling the story. That's how the collaboration between Soiltech and Hubify started.

They wanted to strengthen the company's profile and brand, while also making the company's technology and solutions more accessible and well-known. But how?

We had to figure that out: So we ran a Clarify session with the goal of revitalizing the current brand platform for further growth. The result: A new, "green" thread in everything Soiltech does in communication and its visual impression.

A modern boost for a modern company.

Hubify has helped initiate a transformation in the company. We had strict requirements for execution and delivery, and Hubify have been accommodating and solution-oriented. This has been a learning process!

— Eric Haakon Skjæveland, Project Manager i Soiltech



Purified water

A modern version of the water droplet, playing on Soiltech's water purification.

Waste treatment

The transitions in the shape represent the process - the steps the contaminated waste goes through before becoming reusable water.

Structural shape

The structure points towards the mechanical part of the process - no chemicals are involved.

Brand Original Green

Lime Green

Mint Green

Mint Light Green