Tidewave Medical had a product that revolutionizes the healthcare industry. The challenge was to communicate it - briefly and precisely.


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What Hubify did:

In 2022, Hubify signed a collaboration agreement with DSD. Tidewave Medical was one of the first projects. They had a unique product: a pressure relief mattress that prevents pressure ulcers and solves a major challenge in the healthcare industry for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

The product was fantastic. The challenge was to tell – briefly and concisely – why. Therefore, we started with a workshop to find out where the problem lay. And what did we find?

That Tidewave talked a lot about pressure ulcers – but little about what makes their product revolutionary for pressure ulcer prevention. Therefore, we created an action plan. We brought in an external partner with procurement expertise, and together we created a new "As a service" pricing model for mattress sales.

Together with Tidewave, we took concrete actions and implemented them. Hand in hand – until Tidewave felt ready to stand on their own two feet.

- We struggled to communicate the uniqueness of our product. Hubify came in, and they were extremely good at sharpening and adapting the message. We are also a small organization. With Hubify, we could outsource some of our tasks for a period. It was very useful. But the close collaboration was also important for us. We did the job together. In addition, Hubify lifted our sales and marketing competence. We are very satisfied!

— Bjørn Lorentzen, CEO i Tidewave Medical AS


New Tone-of-Voice

The essence of Tidewave's new ToV was to talk less about technical specifications and general challenges related to pressure ulcers. All of this was already being done by competitors. Instead, Tidewave should tell stories about lives that are changed. Have a warmer, more emotional language. Therefore, the mattress's curved shape was named "Tidewave Hug".

In addition, Tidewave should dare to say how they revolutionize pressure ulcer prevention. Unlike existing mattresses on the market, Tidewave's mattress is:

  • Curved. You don't slide when the mattress turns. It's like getting a warm hug.
  • Silent. You won't wake up from a "pssssh!" sound every five minutes.
  • Slow-moving. You won't feel seasick. You don't feel the mattress moving, even though it always is.

This had to be clear and evident. Therefore, we highlighted the sentence "The only mattress you’ll never hear, feel or see moving – even though it always is." prominently on the website. In addition, we dared to say that "Good enough simply isn't good enough" and in an easy-to-understand way, show the three areas Tidewave is revolutionizing pressure relief mattresses.


New website

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