"Viking is among the best in Norway when it comes to partying and having fun, but they wanted to improve their ability to offer professional content to their network."


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Kjetil Hundhammer
Fredrik Fornes
Claus Skålevik, motto

This is how we came up with the concept that solved Viking's problem.

No one is better than Børge Moi Nilsen and Viking when it comes to creating amazing events and memorable moments. However, Viking recognized a need to elevate the professional offering to their partner network.

They had tried "everything" - but had not succeeded. That's why they turned to Hubify

Together, we conducted two workshops. First clarify, to understand the desires and needs. Then Hubifywhere we presented a 100-day action plan for how Viking could solve it.

The result: The concept of Viking Next Level

- The most well-executed and professional gathering I have been a part of during my time in Viking. Excellent from start to finish, with the right level of seriousness, but also with a lighthearted touch.

- Eirik Bjørnø, CEO of Viking

This is Viking Next Level

Four professional gatherings consisting of twenty percent theory and eighty percent practice. Participants will be actively involved!


Through Hubify's "More, Less, Better, New" method, we worked on how participants could get more out of their sponsorship efforts.

Visibility on LinkedIn

Introduction to the most important platform in the business world - and revamp of profiles. Hubify's photographer took 65 new profile pictures in 90 minutes!

Procurement & Sales

How to create magic in the meetings between seller and purchaser? What tools do you need, and how do you optimize the process?

To be announced

"The fourth gathering of Viking Next Level will be held in the autumn of 2022. The theme will be determined in consultation with the participants in the network."